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Get the most visibility for your jobs by subscribing to Automated Unlimited Job Listing across all of Fantastic.job’s job boards.
Our subscription has the following features:


  • 4x Per day automated listing of new jobs, using your ATS’ API or structured XML feed*
  • Unlimited manual job listing. We will set up accounts on all relevant job boards
  • Automated listing of your jobs on Google Jobs, including remote jobs!
  • Live statistics on job views and applications
  • All jobs are included in our daily and weekly job alerts

Please reach out to Remco if you have any questions!

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Automated Listing

We can scrape and post jobs from your recruitment platform automatically, without any editing required

Privacy & Security

Best in class technology stack & minimal user data saved on our servers ensures that both employers and job seekers are never at risk.

* automated job listing is limited by the technical capabilities of your ATS system. We’ve had good results in the past with,, Workable, and Jobvite. We’re more then happy to explore capabilities for other ATS systems!